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© 2010 MN Bester, "Bluebonnet" - 12"x12" Pastel Drawing

NATURA'S ART uses Art and Self Development to illicit the individual's creativity of Self within the rhythms of nature and the cosmos.

Through creating art, the artist is changed through the artistic process.  These processes can be enlivening to the artist and to the viewer if they are based on the correct perception of the creative forces behind nature.  At Natura's Art I base my own art and help others base their art on a healthful footing.                 

At Natura's Art I endeavor to use art in education and self development to study human nature and to nurture the humanity in us. ------ "Where do we feel ourselves most human?  Not in our intellect, not in our desires and drives, but in our heart forces, that want to open up themselves to other men and the world....Rudolf Steiner pointed out what would happen if thinking and willing were not held in balance through active soul development (our feelings which can be educated through art).  He said: As much crime is in the world, as much lying, as there is lack of art." from "The Individuality of Colour "by Elizabeth Koch/Gerald Wagner-p.29. 


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"Only through the dawn of beauty do you penetrate to the land of knowledge." Schiller